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Posts: 8

Posts: 8
I am attempting to create a "stripped" DocRecip without commas but the StrTran command wasn't working, so I tried just the DocRecip by itself.
(ie '{DocRecip}' )
I've only tested on two customer one is a one word customer (ie Market) and it works. The second customer is multiple words with 'special' characters (ie Mark's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. ) It always fails.
Is there something I'm missing?

Here is my full file
'C' |Constant Value = C
'{Pad: ÷{BMISC1}÷,3,L,'0'}' |Bank No
'00' |Filler - Zeros
'{Pad: ÷{BMICRAcctNo}÷,10,L,'0'}' |Account Number
' ' |Filler-Blank/Space
'R' |Transaction Type: R=Register, V = Void / Cancel
'A' |Action Indicator: A=Add, D=Delete
' ' |Filler - blank/space
'{Pad: ÷{DocNo}÷,10,L,'0'}' |Check number
'{Pad: {DocAmnt: ÷{DocAmnt}÷ /HideDec /Width:10},10,L,'0'}' |Check Amount
'{FormatDate: ÷{RECDate}÷,'MMDDYY'}' |Issue Date
' ' |User Information
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