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email submissions
Posts: 173

email submissions
Posts: 173

Client recently began experiencing issues in PrintBoss as outlined below:

Using PrintBoss to e-mail payroll advices from Sage 300 Premium 2016

•On one workstation, first e-mail processes successfully, but subsequent e-mails give the following error message. (i.e. can only do one at a time)
Can't Perform "Open Private Store"
•I can make the error happen from the test Send E-mail function in PrintBoss (i.e. first one goes fine, trying to send a second test will produce the error).

Additional Notes:
•Was working fine since September, 2016. Issue is fairly recent.
•As outlined in this Wellspring forum post, I have verified the following:
•Microsoft Office 2016 32-bit
•MAPI assigned to Outlook (i.e. Outlook is the default mail client)

Attempted resolutions:
•Updated PrintBoss to latest v6.02.6
•Re-installed PrintBoss on the workstation.

Any ideas to resolve this error? I can arrange remote access to the problem workstation if needed…

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