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Posts: 741
Sent: Friday, May 11, 2018 3:49 PM
To: Wellspring Support <support@wellspringsoftware.com>
Subject: Email question

Hi support folks,

Our client -- has moved from desktop-based Outlook to Office 365, and followed the instructions to email through SMTP. That’s working fine for single print jobs (one order or invoice) but not for their one batch process, AR Statements.

The current AR Statement process is to generate local PDFs (immediate) and emails with PDFs (batch). The collections manager then goes through the Work File to remove any that should not be sent this month, and “prints” the email copy of the remaining documents. Apparently it now authenticates with SMTP before each document, causing it to slow down dramatically.

Is there a way to tweak this process so that it only authenticates once, and then sends all documents from the work file?

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