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Posts: 741
With PrintBoss Enterprise, it is possible to add multiple email attachments when printing to PrintBoss if the client uses an exact formula for naming the PDF file path and file name. For example, the path might be:

W:\Legal Documents\{DocRecip}\

where {DocRecip} exactly matches the DocRecip assigned in Accpac. The file names would all need to be the same once they are in the {DocRecip} folder. For example, the Bill of Lading would always have the same name and could include a variable, such as {DocNo}. Any variables used in the path or file name must also appear in the document printed to PrintBoss to allow PrintBoss to assign the data. The result might be:

#Assigns EmailAttachments, “W:\Legal Documents\{DocRecip}\Bill of Lading {DocNo}.pdf”
#Assigns EmailAttachments, “W:\Legal Documents\{DocRecip}\Certificates.pdf”
#Assigns EmailAttachments, “W:\Legal Documents\{DocRecip}\Revenue.pdf”

Note the ‘s’ at the end of #Assigns. This allows assigning more than one attachment.

A condition can be added to process the assignment when the FileExists at the given FilePathName:

#[FileExists, ' W:\Legal Documents\{DocRecip}\ Bill of Lading {DocNo}.pdf ']Assigns EmailAttachments, “W:\Legal Documents\{DocRecip}\Bill of Lading {DocNo}.pdf”

The one caveat is a single command line in PrintBoss cannot exceed 250 characters after it is resolved (the actual data replaces the variables). This dictates the file path and names need to be relatively short, especially if the FileExists condition is used.

This feature only works in the Enterprise edition of PrintBoss.
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