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Service Contract Information
The PrintBoss Support Department provides resources to help you maximize and protect your investment in PrintBoss.
PrintBoss 30-Day Free Installation Support
Get your PrintBoss up and running without a hitch with our free support during the first 30 days after you register your software. Contact us from 8:30am-5:00 pm Central time. We will call you back within 4 hours.
Standard PrintBoss Annual Support Plan
Get unlimited PrintBoss support with this convenient pre-paid annual plan for standard PrintBoss users. The PrintBoss Annual Support Plan is the answer for access to standard PrintBoss upgrades, resolution of PrintBoss technical issues, and peace-of-mind knowing help is available when your checks and forms need to get printed!

Standard PrintBoss Service Contract Highlights
  1. Unlimited technical support via telephone and the Internet
  2. Help with installation and setup
  3. Configuration consultation
  4. Answers for technical errors
  5. Answer questions about all standard forms and interface files
  6. Use the correct PrintBoss forms
  7. Ensure that your accounting software interface files are up to date
  8. Implement a multitude of available PrintBoss security features
  9. Receive priority service treatment over per incident callers
  10. Free updates during the year, available from Website
For PrintBoss’ using standard forms and interface files that are distributed with the PrintBoss installation files, the PrintBoss Service Contract includes:

  • Technical Support
    1. Phone Support Technicians are available weekdays from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm CST.
  • PrintBoss Updates
    1. Internet authorization code to download program updates directly from the Wellspring Software website for the term of your service contract. Program updates will maintain compatibility between PrintBoss and any new versions and/or upgrades to standard host accounting software interfaces.
    2. Technical notes via a special web login.

For a complete copy of the Terms and Conditions of the Annual Support Plan click here.
Ways to order a Service Contract
  1. Place an order from the website.
  2. Contact us via phone or email.
Your service contract will be activated upon payment and will be annually renewable. Upon purchase, a full service contract will be mailed to you. Contact us for service contract pricing on all models of PrintBoss.
Non-Standard PrintBoss Annual Support Plan
Owners of PrintBoss utilizing either custom accounting host interfaces and/or custom forms (i.e. interfaces or forms not shipped with prepackaged software) can have the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that PrintBoss experts are supporting their specialized needs by subscribing to the Nonstandard PrintBoss Annual Support Plan. Contact us for pricing.
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