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Posts: 741
In recent months (late 2011 and early 2012), Accpac Online has rolled out a new Published Applications environment. This has raised several questions for PrintBoss users.

Q. For those who own a PrintBoss license, will they be able to continue using their local copy of PrintBoss? Or will they need to move to using a hosted copy of PrintBoss? As you may recall, users can only use their own PrintBoss license when a local drive is mapped.

A. The client's local drive is always going to be mapped. If this is the only requirement then they should be able to continue using the local copy.

Q. Will hosted clients be able to use the Wellspring Fax Service feature in PrintBoss? The Fax service uses the following ports:
a. Port 80 for Http communications, such as initial communication to retrieve an ID, sending files, and updating the Fax Send Log within PrintBoss.
b. Port 21 for FTP communications, though all clients can use HTTP if that is preferred. FTP is sometimes used to send files when users have limited access to port 80.

A. Port 80 is open in our environment. The use of HTTP is preferred.

Q. Will hosted clients be able to copy files from the I:\ drive to the local computer? This would be for users who need the Positive Pay feature within PrintBoss to verify the data on checks being processed by the bank. A mapped drive would work better, but copy\paste would at least allow them to move the file to upload to the bank.

A. Yes, the mapped drive will remain available and will function the same way as before.

Q. Will hosted clients be able to use the e-mail feature in PrintBoss? The e-mail feature uses Port 25 to send e-mail using an SMTP address, though another port could be specified. Most of our client prefer using Outlook, but this would only be available when using a local copy of PrintBoss as we assume that Outlook would not be available through Accpac Online.

A. PrintBoss can specify an external SMTP server so this will work.

Q. Will hosted clients be able to use the PrintBoss secure signature files?

A. Clients will have access to the I\: drive to create a secure signature disk. The actual signature will be stored in the PrintBoss Logos folder and the bin file will be stored in the SigDisk folder at the root of the PrintBoss folder. Limited access to the PrintBoss\SigDisk folder will be based on a list of users provided by the client. The drive mapping will be I\:.
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