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Posts: 3
Hello All,
We have all banks setup the same way in regards to the automated printing of signatures on the cheques. But, every once in a while 2 signatures print when only 1 should, the cap is @ 5000.00$. So, up to 4999.99$ 2 sigantures should print but only one when over 5000.00$.
The setup is done at the bank level where the first siganture settings are:
Hi: 0.00
Lo: 0.00
The second signature is:
Hi: 4999.99
Lo: 0.00

The Form - Foot Objects is as follows:
#[FileExists,"{BSigFile}"][AmntRange, {BSigLo}, {BSigHi}]Pic {BSIGX}, {BSIGY}, "{BSigFile}", "/Width:{BSIGWD} /Height:{BSIGHT} ",,D
#[FileExists,"{BSig2File}"][AmntRange, {BSig2Lo}, {BSig2Hi}]Pic {BSIG2X}, {BSIG2Y}, "{BSig2File}", "/Width:{BSIG2WD} /Height:{BSIG2HT} ",,D

The error of printing 2 signatures over 5000.00$ is rare and only happens in 1 bank for 1 currency.

I cannot find anything difference between this bank versus the others that never have the issue.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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