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PrintBoss software will read and process several types of signature files. One useful type is a secure, encrypted signature file created by Wellspring Software. The PrintBoss signature file is readable only by PrintBoss and the process is secured by several PrintBoss features.

One security option is to turn on the Signature Disk Usage Log. This logging feature will record the date the signature was used, the document number and recipient of that document, the operator and the file name. The information contained in the log will be retained for a set period of days. A report of the use can be viewed online or printed on demand.

The Signature Disk Log is only available with the Enterprise Edition of PrintBoss.

Enabling Signature Disk Log

From the PrintBoss Options menu, go to Security Settings. You will need the master password to access Security. As shown below, select the Logging Active check box to activate a log file for your signature disk(s). Also, set the retention period for the log file. The log file will be in the stored in the PrintBoss\SigDisks\Log folder.

Reporting from the Signature Disk Log

Once activated, view the log from the PrintBoss Utilities menu. The Log Display sort order can be natural order, date order, document number, recipient, operator, or signature file name. You can now create reports from data in the log file.

The report order choices are natural order, date order, document number, recipient, operator, or signature file name. Other criteria include a date range, dollar ranges, recipient ranges, document number ranges, operator, machine ID, signature file name and PrintBoss form file name.

This report may be viewed online or printed.
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