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* indicates PrintBoss Enterprise Edition ONLY

 PrintBoss Select Edition Includes 100 sheets of our
Blue/Red check-on-bottom check stock!
Features  Benefits

• Exclusively for use with QuickBooks

• Print checks & deposit slips

• Check formats include top, middle, bottom or wallet style

• Print both US and Canadian style checks

• Unlimited bank accounts

• Automatically select the bank account

• Create a Positive Pay File

• Create an ACH payment file

• Initially lower cost; can easily scale to PrintBoss Enterprise

• Inexpensive option designed to match batch output from QuickBooks

• Singularity of purpose for simplicity of function

• Flexibility to match your business needs

• Handle multiple accounts effortlessly

• Handle any number of bank accounts

• Speed processing

• Aid in check fraud protection

• Participate in Automatic Clearing House nationwide Electronic Funds Transfer system

• The program can grow with your needs

 PrintBoss (standard edition) Includes 500 sheets of our
Blue/Red check-on-bottom check stock!
Features Benefits

 These great features:

• Check and form printing solutions for PC-based accounting packages

• Print to HP compatible laser printers

• Accommodate multiple bank accounts with different logos & signatures

• Print multiple copies in multiple formats

• Unique information printed for specific copy

• Eliminate the need for multiple part forms

• Initial 10 bank records can be added to up to 'unlimited'

 These great features:

• Compatible with over 35 different accounting programs  (See a current list here)

• No special printing hardware required

• One process for all accounts

• Benefits of multi-part forms with convenience and cost effectiveness of blank stock

• Identify different copies by purpose

• Create original and all copies electronically

• Bank records can be purchased in increments of 5

 PrintBoss Enterprise Edition Includes 500 sheets of our
Blue/Red check-on-bottom check stock!
 Features  Benefits

 All standard PrintBoss features plus:

• Dynamic naming of documents

• Unlimited bank accounts

• Captures graphics sent from host accounting system

• Staple document at printer

• Combine multiple-page emails into a single email as PDF attachment

• Name email attachments by document number, date, etc.

• Send email but omit attachment(s)

• Send outgoing email to Outlook outbox instead of SMTP server

• Print to a PDF file (combine all pages into a single PDF file)

• Print to a TIFF file

 All standard PrintBoss benefits plus:

• No need for a user prompt to name individual documents

• Handle any number of bank accounts

• Simplify customized documents

• Automate a manual process

• Streamline the email process for all

• Avoid spam filters blocking emails due to attachment names

• Notify customer that printout is on the way

• Use Outlook rules to manage outgoing emails, responses, & receipts

• Automatically create easy to read electronic archive of batch

• Automate electronic archives for many document management programs (eliminate extra step to scan documents)

Features  Benefits

• Send documents as e-mail attachment

• Send e-mail in manual or batch mode

• Use standard Adobe Reader for PDF files

• Log of attempted and successful sends

• Pre-screen for incorrect email address format

• Optional pop-ups to resolve 'bad addresses' during batch send

• Use standard SMTP mail server

• Content of To, CC, or Blind CC can each include multiple addresses

• Settings can be for individual user or common to all users

• Maintain an address book of frequently used e-mail addresses

• Combine pages with identical addresses when printing batches*

• Option to use Microsoft Outlook instead of SMTP server*

• Overcome limitation to embedded documents in standard e-mails

• Easy one-time process or efficient regular distributions

• Free download often installed on most computers today

• Audit trail

• Avoid missed emails due to a poorly formatted address

• Can manually resolve issues as documents are processed

• No requirement for a specific emailing software

• Send to everyone necessary at once; no duplication of effort

• No need to duplicate setup if everyone shares the same settings

• No need to re-type addresses used frequently for manual emailing

• Streamline the emailing process for all

• Have Outlook rules manage email send/receive options

Features  Benefits

• Place digitally scanned signatures on checks

• Signatures can be encrypted for added security

• Conditionally printed based on a number of variables

• Optionally password protected

• Can be in BMP, PCX, JPG, or our custom SIG file types

• Easily print multiple signatures

• Signing limits can be set for each individual signature

• Signatures can be tied to specific bank accounts

• Dollar ranges can be set for each individual signature

• Signature Key Disks unlock custom SIG files for added security

• Signature Key Disks cannot be copied using traditional 'copy disk' process

• No manual signing or stamping of pre-approved checks

• More secure than a stamp

• Control exactly when a signature is used

• Additional security

• You may use your own signature files - not required to purchase one

• Not restricted to only one signature

• Have unique rules for each signature instead of global settings required for all

• Have different signing authorities for the different accounts

• Restrict high dollar checks from being signed without approval

• Additional security

• Additional security

 Positive Pay  
Features  Benefits

Automatic file creation when batch is printed

● Flexibility in implementation

● Multiple specifications can be attached to the form if more than one bank account

● Option to append batches

● Option to append batches

● Macro characters can be used in the file name to create a dynamic file name when a batch of checks is printed. Variables assigned in the form can be use as well.*

● Optional Omit records with Zero amount

● Create a text file

● Tabbed input format includes sections for SignOn, Header, Details, Footer and SignOff

● File Count and File Amount values can be generated

● No additional processing required

● Match individual bank requirements

● Accommodates multiple bank accounts

● Multiple users can contribute to a single Positive Pay file

● Send file to bank daily, weekly, etc.

● Easy file management

●This eliminates duplicate entries of multiple-paged checks

● Easily reviewed prior to sending to the bank

● Match bank requirements for multiple batches in the same file (if applicable)

● Match any bank requirement

 Direct Deposit  
Features  Benefits

Print check and/or Direct Deposit statement in same check run

● Electronically file PDF copies

● Dynamic naming of electronic files*

● Automatically email Direct Deposit statement to employees

● Optional password security access to emailed statements

● No need for separate process (if applicable)

● Automatically create electronic archives

● Easily manage electronic archives on an employee basis

No need to print & mail; employees will receive immediately

● Security

 PrintBoss Security  
Features  Benefits

 Assign access according to individual user

● Control access to design and printing functions by individual

● Control access through password and/or user disk

● Set automatic login to match Windows username

● Print check amount with special security digits

● Create a security background behind numeric and/or alpha text objects and digital signatures

● Print Secure Seal on check to confirm payee, amount, check number & date

● Print security-protected electronic signatures using physical key and/or password

● Eliminate signatures from archive printing

● Restrict unauthorized access specifically, not generally

● Authorize only proper administrators to make changes

● Activate security either electronically or physically

● No need for users to log in again; no additional user/password lists to manage

● Make check fraud more difficult

● Make fraudulent altering of checks more difficult

● Use a bank supported fraud prevention method

● Protect signatures from unauthorized use

● Prevent duplicate "live" checks

 PrintBoss ACH Payment Option  
Features  Benefits

Available for all versions of PrintBoss

● Simultaneously generates ACH payment files and prints checks

● Multiple Payee Lists can be created

● Import feature for a fast build and maintenance of the Payee list

● Both U.S. NACHA and Canadian bank formatting

● Up to three separate bank accounts per payee

● Pay vendors electronically

● Simply print payables and PrintBoss processes checks and electronic payments simultaneously

● Pay vendors and employees via the same efficient process without extra keystrokes

Fast and easy setup of electronic payments in PrintBoss

● Simple to make ACH payments in U.S. or Canadian formats

● Payee can split payments to three accounts such as checking, savings, child care / alimony payments

* indicates PrintBoss Enterprise Edition ONLY
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