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Save Money with PrintBoss

Stop purchasing expensive pre-printed forms. Never print on the wrong check number. Never print on the wrong checking account form. No longer shred obsolete check stock. Got a new account? No problem. Got a new bank name or address? No problem! One blank check stock ensures that you are always current. No wasted forms.

When you print other forms with PrintBoss you save even more money because you replace expensive, multi-part forms with blank white copy paper. PrintBoss will still create as many copies as you need and they can be printed from different paper trays (to achieve different colors for different copies – so you eliminate expensive multi-colored collated paper), and to different printers (so each copy will print in a location where it will be used; sales department, warehouse, accounting department, etc.)

You save money by reducing the cost of your forms and by reducing the labor cost to explode multi-part forms and to distribute document copies.

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