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Pressure Seal Forms

For PrintBoss customers who print large quantities of checks and/or invoices pressure seal forms may be the right choice. A 'print-to-mail' solution can reduce processing by 90%. A PrintBoss form is designed to specifically print onto the pressure-seal stock. This means that the standard process of printing, folding, stuffing and sealing forms to send them out is reduced to simply printing and then running the forms through a folding machine, even if automated signatures are being used.

This solution requires the purchase of a folding machine that will accommodate the quantity of forms you need to print.

Feature Availability:

PrintBoss Standard - YES

PrintBoss Enterprise - YES

Cost: $205.00 for custom PrintBoss form file; includes 1,000 pressure seal checks

Pressure Seal Checks range from $0.13 to $0.067 per page depending on the quantities ordered

Pressure Seal Invoice paper ranges from $0.115 to $0.065 depending on the quantities ordered

Print-to-Mail equipment for use with PrintBoss call for quote.

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