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 Technical Support
Have a technical support question about your PrintBoss program? Wellspring Software's highly respected support team is here to help in a variety of ways.

Technical Support Policies
Maximize your software investment by keeping that software up-to-date, effortlessly and cost-effectively. Maximize Wellspring Software's Technical Support offering by reading our support policy.

Technical Support
For the fastest technical support response, submit a support ticket online at We run a queue system and the next available representative will get back to you. Your request will get into the queue faster using this online submission than any other way. An annual service contract is needed for any technical support. You can order an Annual Service Contract here. Support is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Central Time. We are closed on National Holidays.

Forum Support
Wellspring Software Support operates this Forum Wellspring Forum   You may find the answer by searching on this forum, or after registering on the forum, you may leave your own question.

Support Documents
Our technical resource library (in tree form), provides online access to a wealth of information about our Products. This includes documentation for specific errors and Accounting Package updates. Search our Support Documents  now.

Other Resources

If you have a software dealer or consultant, they can generally help you with your technical issue as well.
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