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Mary Clark
Posts: 11

Mary Clark
Posts: 11
Customer has used PB for many years. We cloned the environment on a new server, upgraded the o/s & SQL, upgraded to Sage 300v2017, upgraded PB (it is up to date as of version last month).

Users access server via RDP. The printer is a USB printer attached to the A/P clerk's workstation/laptop. Whenever they print checks, they get a message/error:

" Warning: The printer "HP Laserjet 4250 PCL6 (redirected 42)" is not in the printer list. Windows default printer used.

From the PrintBoss Master menu select the "File/Printer setup" to choose a proper printer."

We have done the "choose proper printer" step multiple times, with the same result each time. The windows default printer is the printer it is trying to access. The checks do print at that time.

The user has chosen to have all local resources available in the RDP session.

We have verified the configuration on the new server matches the old server, as far as we can tell. They did not get this error on the old system.

We don't know what to look for to make this disappear.

Please advise what next step needs to be.

Thank you.

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