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Checks & Forms Product Information
Learn about our checks & paper product features & benefits

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 Pressure Seal Forms
Features  Benefits

 Print-to-Mail solution

One stop solution

● Cost saving

● Reduce processing by up to 90%

● package includes folding machine, software & check paper

● Eliminate the need for envelopes

 Blank Checks
Features  Benefits

 Toner grip paper

● Rainbow background

● Micro printing

● Watermark

● Endorsement box

● Chemical detection

Chemically bonds laser toner to the paper

● Extremely difficult to copy using a color copy machine

● Border of check is actually printed word; too small to be copied

● Cannot be copied with a photocopy machine

Includes security warnings

● Paper has built-in alteration detection system that presents a color signal if chemicals are used to alter the check

Software Product Information

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